Benefits of Underfloor Heating




How Underfloor Heating Works 

Underfloor heating is acknowledged as one of the most effective methods of obtaining uniform heat distribution and high comfort levels.

Underfloor heating works by circulating warm water through continuous loops of plastic pipework fitted under the floor, producing a gentle even heat.  The surface of the floor becomes a large radiant surface which heats the room from the floor up, with no cold spots or draughts.  

Conventional radiator systems function primarily by convected heat.  Radiators draw cold air in from the floor where it is then heated and convected upwards towards the roof; cold spots and draughts are common features caused by the constantly circulating air.



Some Benefits


There is no wall space given up to radiators allowing the freedom to furnish as you wish.

Underfloor heating can be used with most types of floors and floor coverings. It is also suitable for use with all sorts of wet central heating systems. It is easy to install and gives you a number of usage options. It can be installed throughout your house, on one level only or in individual rooms. It can be used alone or combined with radiators or other heating systems elsewhere in your home.


Underfloor heating offers high levels of performance and comfort, there are no cold spots or draughty floors.  Warm floors allow the likes of tiles to be installed and still be comfortable on the feet. Radiant heat means that the warmth is concentrated where it's neede most.  Room temperatures higher up are usually around 2°C lower than at floor level, so it’s perfect for human comfort

It’s highly controllable heat  and by the use of individual room controls performance can be further enhanced.  Each room can be a separate zone, varying heat output according to the time of day and location. Uniform heat can be achieved even in the largest rooms, with no cold spots and no draughts caused by air circulation. It’s even good for furniture, with its gentler, more even heat and smaller variations in humidity

Running Costs 

Typically lower running costs than a conventional system, and if combined with a Heat Pump further efficiencies can be made.  Running temperature can be from as little as 35 C.

Although installation costs are generally higher than traditional heating methods, underfloor heating’s superior efficiency means that your running costs will be significantly lowered so the ongoing savings on your energy bills quickly outweigh your higher initial outlay.


There are no hot surfaces to burn yourself on (ideal for playrooms, Schools, Hospitals etc.). A heated floor has been shown to be a hostile environment for dust mites. 


The only joints in the system are at the manifold allowing one point for maintenance.