Domestic Projects

Reid Underfloor Heating (Scotland) Ltd have undertaken a wide range of domestic projects.  Projects have ranged from conservatories, self build, house extensions and full refurbishments of older buildings.



 New Build House, Scotlandwell

 New build Showhouse with Screed System - pipe was tacked on to a high density insulation with a 75 mm Fibre Screed later installed on top.  This was the first of five house with Underfloor Heating installed by RUH(S) Ltd at this location.


 New Build House, Glasgow


 New build house in Glasgow with Plated System  - this system is  employed for timber joist floors.  

 The picture shows pre-grooved 400 mm aluminium plates nailed on  to the joists with the pipe installed.  

 The builder has installed the insulation in netting between the joists,  keeping it tight to the underside of the plates.  

 Note: the joists are notched at one side to allow for pipe runs and  turning.




 19th Century House - Refurbishment

 Refurbishment of a house in Kilcreggan Bay, near Helensburgh.

The house had joists at different centres which made a Biscuit System the most flexible choice.

Celotex insulation was installed by the builder and the underfloor heating pipes clipped to it.  

The picture shows the the biscuit mix (dry mix sand and cement) being laid over the pipes.

Heat was supplied via a Ground Source Heat Pump.